9 Kitchen Flooring Ideas That Will Transform Your Space


9 Kitchen Flooring Ideas That Will Transform Your Space

An important aspect of the kitchen remodeling process is figuring out the right kitchen flooring ideas. There are a lot of things you need to decide regarding your kitchen floor. There’s the color scheme, material, layout, and so much more. 

You can implement ideas like underfloor heating, which is steadily growing popular among homeowners now. Similarly, you need to think about the foundations and sub-floors as well while remodeling your kitchen. From heating to the foundation, the list of kitchen flooring ideas can be, quite literally, endless.

However, we’ve narrowed down 9 kitchen flooring ideas that you can choose for your kitchen remodeling design and use to transform your space. 

1. Incorporate Bold Geometry

geometric kitchen flooring design

Photo by Watermark Designs on Unsplash

Bold geometrics are one of the most trending kitchen flooring ideas as of late. You can try to make the flooring your kitchen’s focal point and go with neutral kitchen walls and units.

For instance, you can have a bold geometric floor dominating over the reflective glass kitchen backsplash tiles and smooth contemporary cabinet units. A good quality worktop would also work well with triangular, marbled tiled sections. The entire arrangement can receive an extra tangy punch of style by adding orange highlights in apt spots.


2. Add Chic Chevrons

Monochrome tiles are among the more popular kitchen flooring ideas in contemporary kitchen remodel design. You can choose monochrome tile flooring to give your kitchen a modern yet evergreen look that will ably stand the test of time.

Similarly, you can accentuate the floor with a cool black and white chevron tile design. You can also use the same pattern in producing a bold border along the sides of the kitchen countertop.

It is a look that is easy on your wallet and visually striking as well. However, it is so bold that it may not be up to everyone’s tastes. If you feel it’s up to your alley, don’t hesitate to go with it.


3. Use Flagstones 

Flagstones have been used in traditional kitchen remodels for a long time and are among the best flooring options for a kitchen. They are usually crafted from bigger chunks of natural stone and are designed to last for a long time.

It is worth noting that every kitchen floor tile is unique – it will have its own special textures and natural markings that you cannot find on another tile.

Flagstone is an excellent choice for farmhouse kitchen designs and old cottages in the countryside. You can also go with a soothing and demure tone for the flooring that eloquently offsets darker cabinets.


4. Add Mosaic Tiles

Mosaic tiles are little tiles that have been joined together in pictures, plains, or patterns and are generally held together by mesh installed under them. They have been historically used for centuries and are now a popular option for kitchen remodeling designs.

Mosaic has a unique design to it and can add a spark of creativity and subtlety to the style of your kitchen. Since mosaic tiles are pretty forgiving on uneven surfaces and fit well into otherwise unique spaces, they are a very practical option for your kitchen remodel.


5. Statement Kitchen Flooring

Statement kitchen flooring is one of the hottest trends in the realm of kitchen flooring ideas today. It consists of Victorian replica tiles, which add an extra spark to your cabinetry and a distinct personality into your kitchen.

A number of innovative designs by experts feature a trendy combination of both industrial and retro styles. It is an especially great option for architectural spaces with glass and concrete and can work very well in your kitchen as well. 

While you’re incorporating these statement flooring design in your kitchen, ensure that your kitchen cabinet design is in a neutral tone to avoid clash and keep the design balanced.


6. Use Wooden Flooring

wooden kitchen flooring ideas

If you have a bright white color scheme in the kitchen, there is quite nothing else like natural wood flooring. It will bring in that extra warmth to your kitchen remodel and elevate the design. Before installing it, though, make sure that it has been treated well. You need to do this for it to withstand spills and splashes of water, which are more or less inevitable in the kitchen.

If you have an open-concept kitchen layout, this is a great option because you can make your space more fluid and coherent by installing a uniform and versatile layer of flooring throughout your kitchen. You can also go with a natural grain texture to give the flooring a rich look, which will go well with pretty much every style of décor out there.


7. Hexagons

Hexagonal shapes are extremely popular in the world of kitchen flooring. They are incredibly stylish and will look amazing on your kitchen floor.

If you want, you can even go for a bespoke look by opting for a patchwork approach using a selection of patterns and plains in modern tones. In case you are not feeling confident enough regarding this, you can always choose to enlist the help of a professional kitchen remodeler near you.


8. Vintage Chessboard

checkerboard flooring for kitchen

Photo by Chastity Cortijo on Unsplash

Are you interested in doing something more innovative and giving your kitchen a funky 1950’s vibe? If yes, then you can choose a chessboard pattern for your kitchen floor, featuring two colors of square tiles arranged symmetrically across the floor.

The remaining part of the kitchen can feature demure tones, and thus your kitchen floor will be the highlight of the design. You can also add a few mustard color splashes in some places to produce a unique, industrial look that is truly refreshing.


9. Patterned Kitchen Flooring Ideas

Patterned kitchen flooring offers plenty of scope for creativity during your kitchen remodel. For instance, you can try adding contrasting blocks of both plain and lavish flooring. That would zone-off the cooking area of the kitchen/dining room in a very innovative manner.

You can also add a thin strip of star-patterned flooring to complement your modern galley kitchen and provide sturdy material for this high-traffic zone for food preparation. As an added bonus, you can conveniently clean it by using a simple wipe-cloth.