When Should You Remodel Your Kitchen?


When Should You Remodel Your Kitchen?

Your kitchen is one of the most used parts of your home and probably receives a lot of traffic. As it is the center of family dinners and entertaining guests, its aesthetic and functionality affect both the residents and visitors of the house. This is why most homeowners invest in kitchen remodeling every few years. While there is no universal hard-and-fast rule to kitchen remodeling, experts suggest that a kitchen should be renovated at least every 10 to 15 years. Because it is safe to say that a decade is a long enough time for styles to change, paints to fade and tiles to crack.


Indicators that Decide Your Kitchen Remodeling Timeline


 How often one renovates the space depends on a lot of factors and can be much shorter than a decade too. There are certain clear-cut signs that scream it’s time to renovate”, and one can’t choose to ignore them as they lower not only the aesthetic and functionality of the house–but also its overall appeal and the resale value.

We have listed down indicators that help you make the decision. If any of these indicators are present in your kitchen, the right time to remodel is Now.

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  • The Style Doesn’t Have Any Contemporary Appeal

If your kitchen aesthetic resembles your grandma’s kitchen, it’s time to bid goodbye to the color scheme and the whole ensemble. Gone are the days when kitchens could afford to be underwhelming in style. Modern kitchens set the aesthetic tone of the entire space as they can be the prime focus of the house.

Small kitchens, outdated cabinetry, and bulky sinks don’t cut it anymore — modern kitchens are all about convenience. Islands and dedicated seating are almost a norm now…and larger counter space with clean lines and adequate storage space are all more than just aesthetic additions. They can be an excellent way to entertain guests and upgrade the utility of your kitchen too. After all, the convenience of both cooking and enjoying your meal is what the modern kitchen stands for.


  • The Kitchen Doesn’t Match Your Lifestyle Anymore

It is a no-brainer that one’s lifestyle decides how much and how often one uses their kitchen. Be it an addition to the family or a new marriage, a change in job or even retirement–all these factors contribute to your requirements for the kitchen space. A couple with no kids and fast-moving lives will typically use the kitchen much differently than a family with a few young kids.

If any of these changes have simply left your kitchen unequipped or made your tasks much more daunting, it’s time to take a closer look at its functionality. Consider investing in modern appliances and enlarging the kitchen space for a more fulfilling cooking experience.


  • Your Kitchen is Damaged

Being one of the busiest spaces in your home, a kitchen can sustain damage over the years. And the damage can go beyond just chipped paint and broken tiles.

To understand the extent of damage in your kitchen, you may need to evaluate your kitchen and ask yourself some questions: Has your cabinet hardware or silverware started to rust? Do the cabinet doors open easily and noiselessly? Does your kitchen have water damage under the sink from any leakage? Do all your appliances work efficiently or just sit there like bulky units? If your answer to any of these questions is “yes”, then it is a very good sign to remodel your kitchen.

Even though the idea and costs of a complete kitchen makeover may worry some, there is no need to worry just yet. It is possible to change things partially and still have a stunning kitchen. We recommend understanding the problem areas of your house and then discussing the solutions with an experienced contractor. There might be some kitchens that need a total overhaul but it is always better to consult a professional remodeling company before planning a renovation. This way, one can avoid costly mistakes and may even be able to save some money on kitchen remodeling.


  • Your Kitchen is Worn Out

Usage of any equipment always leads to depreciation, and a kitchen is no different. Over the years, its countertop can accumulate stubborn stains that not even the strongest cleaning liquid in the market can erase…and the tiles and worktop can even have scratches over time that become very apparent. Lack of proper ventilation and natural light can make the space look dingy and stuffy too.

This can make your kitchen feel cheap and repulsive. Installing more durable materials (some even come with a warranty) in trending colors and patterns can really help you up your style game. What’s more? Modern materials can be easily customized on request and are often much easier to maintain. Thanks to innovation in cutting and polishing techniques, a lot is possible these days.


  • Your Appliances Have Reached Their Shelf Life

It is a fact that most kitchen appliances only last up to 10 years. Their efficiency goes down as the time passes and even their capabilities start seeming very limited in comparison to hi-tech appliances available in modern kitchens. If you brought most of your appliances close to a decade ago, chances are that they are either reaching the end of their life cycle or function very inefficiently.

As newer appliances typically consume less power, they are considered both pocket and eco-friendly. In times where coffee makers can be automated to make your coffee before you wake up, a bulky appliance just screams incompetence. A truly urban kitchen has to keep up with technology not only to maintain style requirements but also to maintain ease of use over the years.


Final Words:

Rather than sticking to a time frame, take a closer look at signs that suggest you need to start the kitchen remodel. If any signs of damage or outdated functionality are present, take the decision even more seriously. It can do wonders for the resale value, functionality and the aesthetic of your house.

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