Kitchen Design Trends For 2021 You Need To Know About

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Kitchen Design Trends For 2021 You Need To Know About

Close your eyes and imagine smooth lines and seamless edges, refined finishes and little-to-no visual clutter; for many, this perfectly describes their dream modern kitchen. With more never-before-seen elements finding their way into kitchens every day, the kitchens of tomorrow could appear vastly different than they do today. So how can you create a future-proof kitchen? Planning your dream kitchen? Whether your current kitchen layout needs renovating or you simply want to refresh a tired color scheme, now is the perfect time to create the kitchen of your dreams. But what’s hot in the world of kitchen design?


Ideas for creating your perfect kitchen should always start at the core. We firmly believe that this begins with your cabinets, the heart of your kitchen. And we have all of the cabinetry you’ll need to get your heart fluttering. A few thoughtful accents, like rich bursts of color on the walls and simple, streamlined hardware, will give your contemporary kitchen the perfect punch of personality required for years of pleasant cooking and entertaining.

If you want to know what’s inside modern kitchens today, you may be able to find your inspiration from Kitchen Cabinet Kings’ many modern offerings. Straight from the pages of home design magazines, our frameless RTA Makintosh 10×10 kitchen cabinets, for instance, can give you a sleek, minimalist European look with clean and crisp lines. The solid maple construction of these cabinets features stained, soft-close doors that pair modern sensibilities with practical convenience. Finishing your cabinetry with up-to-date hardware, like our LCP8 Handle with understated finishes and sleek silhouettes, will add to the room’s rejuvenated aesthetic and encourage a detailed finish.

Bespoke Pantries and Larders

When redesigning your kitchen, a bespoke larder is still one of the biggest trends this year and next,’ reveal Naked Kitchens. ‘A must–have in the modern kitchen, with storage at the right temperature and ingredients easily accessible, a well-designed bespoke larder is also a thing of great beauty.’

Kitchen Islands

‘The kitchen island is synonymous with a luxurious and sociable kitchen. Not only a great place to perch, dependent on its design it can be used for extra storage, and adding bar stools can provide a casual dining area.

Looking for an alternative to an island? A peninsula is attached to a wall so you only sacrifice access to one side but it provides many of the same advantages. Peninsula models work especially well in single wall or L-shaped layouts.

Speaking of islands and peninsulas, Cosentino predicts that waterfall worktops – a surface that appears to flow over the edge of a worktop, covering the side and reaching the floor – will continue to grow in popularity.

Bringing It All Together

With a balanced approach, traditionalists and trailblazers alike can find a kitchen design solution that suits them. For example, intricate flooring can provide a vintage feel that looks restored rather than renovated, making it the ideal aesthetic for older homes or restoration-minded homeowners that want to preserve an original kitchen’s charm while adding to its quality and sensibility. And the right replacement cabinets can harken back to a bygone era without sacrificing a kitchen’s vintage or retro appearance, making them a wise option for those that have grown tired of loud-closing cabinets and sticky drawers.