Kitchen Remodel Issues That You Might Face (and How to Solve Them)!

kitchen remodel issues

Kitchen Remodel Issues That You Might Face (and How to Solve Them)!

It’s quite common for kitchen remodel issues to pop up during the kitchen remodeling process. But often, it is possible to find a solution that could solve the problems. Remodeling the kitchen is not an investment to be made lightly. From being just a cooking area, over the years, the kitchen has become the center of the house, where we spend most of our time. 

When the time comes to modernize it, it is normal to be assailed by doubts for fear of making kitchen remodel mistakes. While it always helps to plan everything beforehand, issues still creep in during the actual remodel phase. Here are some common kitchen remodel issues that arise while remodeling a kitchen and their solutions, which we have gathered after talking to experts. 


Increase in Kitchen Remodel Costs

increase kitchen remodel costs

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Whether it is a complete remodel or works dedicated to a single part of the kitchen, it is very common that the final cost of the kitchen remodel will overshoot the estimate. 

It may seem trivial, but actually, the budget set at the beginning of the works is almost always far exceeded as the renovation proceeds. There could be multiple reasons that the budget is crossing the set limit. 

For instance, you might face increased labor cost, transportation cost, higher than estimated material cost, or not sticking to the choices made during the initial budget planning. All these factors can contribute to the rising cost of kitchen remodel. The only remedy to this issue is strictly sticking to the choices you planned while calculating the budget. 

Additionally, you should prepare for surprises. Remodeling a kitchen involves several variables, and you can’t plan for everything. Your best bet is to set aside additional funds of at least 15% of your expected kitchen remodel budget.


Living Without Your Kitchen

Although it isn’t easy, it is inevitable. When remodeling your kitchen, you have to accept living without a kitchen for around 2 to 3 weeks. You must therefore plan this transition period by preparing a space to store everything.

 You can buy a small electric induction hob and create a kitchenette area for preparing meals in another room of the house. Alternatively, you can opt for either ready-made food from the market or prepare homemade frozen dishes that you will only have to reheat. It will be simple and without any fuss. 


Taking More Time Than Expected

Quite similar to the budget, the same happens with the time you planned for the work. It often happens that a kitchen remodeling project takes way more time than expected to complete. 

You have to understand that a kitchen remodeling project is complicated and takes time. Several reasons can delay the work, such as the late delivery of materials, unforeseen events, or communication errors. Similarly, the construction work itself could take more than expected time. 

How can you tackle this issue? While some variables are out of your control, it is essential to plan well while being realistic and far-sighted. Additionally, do not try to speed up the length of the kitchen remodel in a disproportionate manner, as you will only make the matter worse. Consequently, the best bet for you is to hire an expert who could optimize the overall workflow and plan every step of the project respecting the deadline.


Damaged Plumbing and Electricals

plumbing kitchen remodel issues

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One extremely annoying yet common issue in any kitchen remodel project is damaged plumbing and electrical wiring. 

Kitchen remodeling involves tons of activities such as demolition of walls, removal of flooring and countertop, etc. These activities pose a risk of damaging the plumbing and electricals. Unless you plan to build your kitchen from scratch, damage to the plumbing or electricals is a serious issue. It represents one of the most annoying and challenging problems you can have while remodeling your kitchen. 

If you are not careful, you can accidentally affect a pipe or cable while digging the ground or a wall. The only solution to avoid the issue is to consult a professional electrician and a plumber before starting.


Compromising the Structural Integrity of the Room

Often the main aim of a kitchen remodel is to expand the area and gain more space. This involves the demolition of walls and other construction. More often than not, it might involve changing the layout of the kitchen.

However, it sometimes happens that homeowners, due to ignorance, remove the load-bearing walls. That severely compromises the room’s structural integrity, and soon enough, the issue starts to manifest in the form of cracks. 

The best solution for you is never to attempt any demolition work without consulting an architect or a structural engineer.

Only the expert can correctly perform the structural assessment and provide you insight into expanding the area safely.


Oversized or Undersized Kitchen Furniture

Yes, oversized and undersized kitchen furniture is a thing. It could also seriously impact the aesthetics and functionality of the kitchen. Many homeowners jump to a buying frenzy for their new kitchen without considering the size and dimensions of the space. 

The result is a misfit kitchen with unnecessary elements – not what you had thought when you started the kitchen remodel project. The solution to this kitchen remodel issue is to give serious consideration to the dimensions of the space in the planning phase. You should have a clear idea about the space you have and the kind of intervention you want. 

Also, take into account your present needs of storage. Only then proceed with buying your kitchen furniture. If your budget allows, you can also opt for custom-made furniture that will perfectly fit with the layout and structure of your kitchen.


Miscellaneous Issues

minor kitchen remodel issues

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Besides the common kitchen remodel issues like removing flooring, cabinets, backsplash, etc., there will come several unexpected bumps in your way. 

No amount of planning could prepare you for these unseemingly blocks. Only your intuition and timely thinking will help you avoid such issues. Hence, it’s important to have at least 10-15 percent of your kitchen remodel budget set aside for such emergencies.

Besides, working closely with experts helps to tackle such kitchen remodel issues. Therefore it is prudent to have the backing of experts before giving a green signal to your kitchen remodeling project.