When Should You Remodel Your Bathroom: 9 Clear Signs

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When Should You Remodel Your Bathroom: 9 Clear Signs

Did you know that Agatha Christie constructed her best plots in a large Victorian tub? Isn’t that cool? Doesn’t that tell us how powerful the ambiance of a bathroom can be?

For decades, bath time has been associated with relaxation, clear thinking and working through the chaos in our minds. Undoubtedly, it’s a place we go to be just by ourselves and our thoughts.

For it to be your private refuge where you can be away from the rest of the world, it needs to imbibe a relaxing ambiance though. Who’d want to spend hours locked away in quiet contemplation if the place is not inviting enough? Besides, shouldn’t a daily activity such as bathing be uplifting enough on its own?

Now, of course, you know what we are getting at. A bathroom is precious and yada yada. However, it has to keep up with times so as to not become functionally and aesthetically obsolete. Hence, it’s important to catch all those telltale signs that warn you of those lurking issues that you should be taking note of.

If the signs don’t make you act as quickly as possible, it doesn’t hurt one bit that an updated bathroom is a great investment too. A remodeled bathroom can pump up your property’s appeal and value and make it sell faster too. In fact, it’s one of the best investments for a house ROI-wise.

The blog below gives you a rundown of the signs that should be acted upon to preserve the structural integrity of your bathroom.


1. Damaged and Outdated Tiles

Nothing lasts forever. This goes for your bathroom tiles too. Since your bathroom goes through a lot of wear and tear, the tiles in your bathroom tend to get discolored and may even crack with time. Missing grout and cracks can lead to mold, leaks and other structural damage; which if not attended to on time, can cost you a bomb later on.

Also, consider a change if your tiles are old-fashioned. If not, then it’s time to change them to something that’s in and appealing. In addition, if your existing tiles do not blend with the design theme of your home, it can be a great idea to create a theme with a change.


2. Changed Family Needs

Needs change with time.

This is one of the driving reasons that may want you to remodel your bathroom. Maybe your family has grown and now you have a toddler at home. This could mean that you need to reinstall that tub that you got uprooted before the baby came. Or you have an aged parent who has moved in with you, and now maybe the guest bathroom needs an update. In the same vein, your teenaged children may be looking for a bathroom with more storage. Whatever the reason, inconvenience is always a reason to remodel.


3. Increased Storage Needs

This one is kind of related to #2.

Maybe your storage needs are different from what they were a while back. It could be because of your changed lifestyle or enhanced family requirements. Say your bathroom is low on storage to accommodate even the basic bathroom necessities.  This is enough reason to drive a need for an improved storage system.

Another factor that influences this decision is the evolution of new storage concepts that have flooded the design world. They not only add oomph to your bathroom but also give you ample storage space for different items.

A place for everything. Isn’t this the guiding principle behind the new minimalistic design rage? A bathroom remodel at this stage may be the answer to all your storage woes.

A floating shelf under the sink for added storage, a medicine cabinet, a shelf above the toilet, mounted wooden shelves; wall-mounted caddies and maybe a wall to wall vanity are a few concepts that can give a try.


4. Poor Lighting

What about the lighting in your bathroom? Are you comfortable with what you have or are you looking for something that gives improved clarity in your bathroom? Remember lighting can make or break the ambiance of your bathroom. The lighting in your bathroom should never be too bright or too dim.

What about the ventilation and the natural light in the bathroom? Most period bathrooms suffer from poor lighting; natural or otherwise. This is because the windows in these old styled bathrooms are too small to let the natural light come in.

You should know that your bathroom is your luxurious sanctuary. The lighting you choose should set a mood in here and help to soothe the senses. Consider getting ceiling lights for an instant change in the ambiance. If you are worried about shadows falling on your face from the lights above, opt for a bath bar, vanity light or vertical sconces on either side of the mirror. If you are inclined towards having a piece of art hang in your bathroom, you can use recessed directional lights for focused illumination. Incandescent, fluorescent and LED lighting with dimmer switches to control the intensity of the light are some of the cool options to light up your bathroom space.


5. Leaks

Water can be your worst enemy if you aren’t careful enough to notice the signs of damage it can cause. Look out for mold and mildew. These are indicative of leaks that must be looked into. You may spot them in places like, around the toilet, the sink or in the shower.

Hard water is another pain in the neck.  It can actually ruin the water lines. Does the sound of water running behind the walls ring a bell? This is suggestive of a leakage somewhere. Again, if you notice brown stains on the ceiling of the room below a second-story bathroom, it points to water leaking into the floor.

Additionally, if you spot buckling linoleum or floor tiles that may have loosened up, it indicates water under the flooring. Look out for stains and bulges on the bathroom walls. A sure shot sign. Watch out for your wallpaper and paint too. When the moisture in your bathroom exceeds a certain point, the paint or the wallpaper begins to separate from the surface. It is a warning of a hidden slow leak.


6. Persistent Odor

Does your bathroom reek of a persistent musty odor and unnatural warmth that refuses to go away? If so, your space in all probability needs proper ventilation to tackle the odors and humidity.


7. Outdated Fixtures

This is a common problem in most period bathrooms. The fixtures in these bathrooms are structured more on functional lines than on the contemporary clean lines. They may have looked good once with their bulky look, but they are just a big turn off today.

There is also a chance that the existing fixtures in your bathroom may have succumbed to rust due to constant exposure to moisture and need to be replaced. Modern fixtures and fittings are technically sounder than the ones used years back and tend to cut down your electricity bill too!


8. Color on the Walls

If the colors on your bathroom walls start to look outdated, you can be sure that your bathroom needs a revamp. This may be due to a change in your taste or maybe your existing lifestyle. Whatever be the reason, if every time you walk into your bathroom and end up getting put off; take it that it is time for your bathroom makeover.

This goes for the tiles on the walls too. Your changed design preference will find it tough to settle for those old fashioned tiles on your bathroom you have been living with for the last decade or so. It’s time for a switch over. There is a surge of new textured and patterned tiles in the market that you can pick from. Contemporary designs use neutral colors extensively. More and more homeowners are opting for nude neutrals like grey and creams. In fact, grey and beige have become super hot and have led to the emergence of a new color “Greige”; which is all the rage right now.


9. Layout

Your bathroom must give you enough space to go through your daily chores. If you are beginning to feel that you can do with some extra space that will not make you feel cramped, it’s time to get a remodel.

Depending upon how much space you are looking for, your professional designer will guide you whether it’s a basic change in the layout that will do the job or maybe moving a wall will create the desired extra space.