Modern Bathroom Design: What To Do, What Not To Do

modern bathroom design

Modern Bathroom Design: What To Do, What Not To Do

Remodeling your bathroom is an exciting yet scary undertaking for many homeowners. Your bathroom is a reasonably technical space. Even with a small space as a bathroom, there is a ton of complicated plumbing and electrical work involved. This is why most people don’t know how to design their bathroom, and many end up making some (expensive) mistakes, especially when it comes to a modern bathroom design.

It’s okay to be confused when you’re following a design trend. When it comes to modern bathroom design, it’s challenging to identify the dos’ and don’ts. Precisely why we’ve made it easier for you to understand and navigate through the designing process with a simple list of what to do and what not to do.


Do: Set A Budget


Money makes the world go round and also helps you design the bathroom of your dreams. Before you start with the entire process, you need to set aside a budget. 

The average cost of a mid-scale remodel is $20,000. Your remodel project’s cost depends upon various factors, such as the scale, the size of your bathroom, and even your region. You can do a minor remodel for $7,000 to $9,000, whereas an upscale full remodel of a bathroom touches $60,000.

When you’re drafting your budget, you also need to set aside 20% of it for any emergency or additional expenditure. Bathrooms are prone to mold and mildew accumulation, and any additional repairs are often revealed later during the remodeling. This is why it’s a good idea to have some money set aside for this purpose.


Don’t: Forget About Storage


White bathroom storage

Photo by Cleyder Duque from Pexels


Storage is an essential element of any bathroom design. Unfortunately, it is almost always an afterthought. When designing a modern bathroom, you need to consider different storage elements based on your needs.

Do you want a full-sized vanity, or are open shelves enough for you? You need to ask and answer questions like these before you begin designing your bathroom. Modern bathrooms tend to blend storage seamlessly into their design and can help you stay organized after the remodeling is over.

For instance, recessed shelving is gaining popularity as it saves a lot of cabinet space in your bathroom and makes room for more important elements. Remember, your storage needs to drive the decision for the storage solutions you choose in your bathroom.


Do: Use the Right Colors


Bathroom with white color scheme

Photo by House Method on Unsplash


Regardless of the size of your bathroom, it is going to feel small at some point. When working with modern bathroom design, you can use certain tricks to make the bathroom feel bigger. One such trick is to choose the right colors.

Colors like white, misty grey or pastels tend to ‘expand’ any space. For your bathroom, you want to stick to colors that do just that. That being said, you don’t have to shy away from dark colors.

Of course, you may or may not want to walk into a black-themed bathroom every day, but dark colors are perfect for powder rooms. You just have to ensure that there’s adequate lighting to counter the dark colors. 


Don’t: Forget About Ventilation


Bathroom with open space and ventilation

Photo by R ARCHITECTURE on Unsplash


We don’t need to tell you about the importance of proper ventilation in a bathroom. However, we want to tell you how you can achieve this with a breeze. To begin with, you can install an adequately-sized window in your bathroom to ensure the proper flow of air in and out of the bathroom. However, that’s not enough.

In addition to this, you will also be needing the help of a bathroom exhaust. Based on the size and layout of your bathroom, you need to install adequate exhaust fans and also make sure that there’s adequate breathing room. There are many types of exhaust fans in the market; all you have to do is figure out which one meets your needs.


Do: Splurge on the Right Items


It’s safe to say that you are not going to be remodeling your bathroom every other year. Most people only remodel their bathroom once. This means that you have one chance to make the right decisions that you will have to live with every day.

That being said, no two decisions are the same. You will probably not give your new taps the same thought as your new bathtub or vanity. The same logic applies to your budget allocation as well.

In your bathroom, few fixtures are worth splurging on. These fixtures have a long life. We’re talking about your vanity, bathtubs, shower spaces, etc. It’s okay to spend more on fixtures that give you a higher ROI over a long time. 


Don’t: Shy Away from Experimenting


Most people will advise you to stick to the basics. There’s nothing wrong with applying proven design ideas to your home, specifically your bathroom. However, it is your space.

You are the one who has to use the bathroom every day, and it impacts the overall value of your home. That is why you should not shy away from experimenting and trying new things. Like that quirky design for your wall? Do you want brass taps instead of regular ones? We say: Go For It! 

It doesn’t hurt to add some character in your bathroom. For most people, bathrooms are nothing less than personal sanctuaries. It helps if there are elements that resemble you and your character in the bathroom space you spent months and months designing. 

Every homeowner has a different set of requirements. Modern bathroom design is about recognizing your personal needs and implementing them with a few basic modern bathroom design principles. 

This list of Dos’ and Don’ts is there to help you make the right decisions when designing the modern bathroom of your dreams.