As you remodel your bathroom, you should consider installing a new bathroom vanity. A vanity adds personality, and a touch of class to any bathroom. This is regardless of size, color scheme, or wall/floor material. A vanity also optimizes the space in a bathroom, which in most cases is a scarce resource. Craft Kitchen and Bath lists down the most popular bathroom vanities in the market today to help you settle on one that best suits your style and bathroom needs.

1.Industrial vanities

An industrial vanity adds both functionality and aesthetics in a remodeled bathroom. The industrial vanities are usually large thereby providing enough storage room for all of your toiletries, and other bathroom items.

2.Double vanities

Double vanities are a great way of adding elegance and sophistication to a bathroom, especially if you have a large bathroom. This approach is the best when you have classic vanities that you want to showcase to all the people who enter the bathroom.

  • Use furniture

If you have a beautiful piece of furniture that is hardly in use anymore, then you should adopt in your bathroom as a vanity. As a vanity, the piece of furniture will be perfect for storage, extra counter space, and enhancing the look and feel of the bathroom. You can install creative drawer pulls on the piece of furniture to make it look more appealing.

2. Mid-century vanities

If you have a retro or ultra-modern bathroom. You can add a little contrast to the room by installing a mid-century vanity. The contrast will create a little drama and more interest in your bathroom and its fixtures.

3. Go green

The environmental conservative homeowner is not left behind in the popular vanity choices. There are numerous vanity variants made from environmentally sustainable materials. The most popular of these materials is bamboo because it usually has a good color, as well as grain arrangement.