Kitchen Island With Sink: A Practical and Elegant Upgrade

kitchen island with sink

Kitchen Island With Sink: A Practical and Elegant Upgrade

When planning kitchen remodeling, many people consider adding an island. The reason? Kitchen islands bring both function and style. A popular feature to add is a sink. A kitchen island with sink, sometimes even with a dishwasher, changes the game.

Why Add a Sink to Your Kitchen Island?

  • Convenience: With a sink in the middle of the kitchen, you can wash, chop, and cook all in one place.
  • Entertainment: Guests can sit and chat while you prepare meals.
  • Space-saver: Adding a sink saves countertop space elsewhere.

For instance, think about Thanksgiving. You could wash the turkey, then turn around and stuff it. All without leaving the kitchen island with sink!

Styles and Features

There are different styles and features for a kitchen island with sink and dishwasher:

  • Farmhouse style: This offers a rustic touch with a deep sink.
  • Modern: Sleek, with clean lines. Maybe even touchless faucets!
  • Double sink: Why have one sink when you can have two?
  • Sink and dishwasher combo: Wash and dry dishes in the same area.

Benefits of a Kitchen Island with Sink and Dishwasher

  • Workflow: The remodel can enhance the kitchen’s flow.
  • Value: It boosts your home’s resale value.
  • Clean-up: It becomes easier and more efficient.
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Things to Consider

If you decide to remodel:

  • Plumbing: You’ll need to run water and drain lines.
  • Size: Make sure there’s enough space.
  • Budget: Costs can add up, so plan ahead.


A kitchen island with sink isn’t just about style; it’s about function. Whether you’re diving into a full kitchen remodeling project or a smaller update, this feature can make a big difference.

FAQs about Kitchen Island with Sink

Is it hard to add plumbing to a kitchen island?

It depends on your home’s layout. Sometimes it’s straightforward, other times more complex.

Do I need a professional to install a sink in my island?

Yes. It’s best to get a pro for plumbing and installation.

Does a kitchen island with sink and dishwasher cost more?

Generally, yes. But it can add a lot of value and convenience.