Bathroom Remodeling Mistakes You Should Avoid For a Seamless Update

bathroom remodeling mistakes

Bathroom Remodeling Mistakes You Should Avoid For a Seamless Update

Do you want to make sure that your bathroom is functional and aesthetically pleasing? Avoid these bathroom remodeling mistakes to have the perfect bathroom of your dream.

Remodeling a bathroom isn’t cheap, so you need to make sure that it delivers all the functionality you desire. However, if you plan to remodel your bathroom or give it a facelift, it’s common to steer with excitement and overlook many crucial aspects of bathroom remodeling.

Further, bathrooms offer substantial selling points for buyers, so even if you are not planning to sell your house right now, you can rest assured about it. 

Therefore, the bathroom is one part of the house where experts recommend hiring a remodeler near you to help you with the project if your changes are extensive to avoid bathroom remodeling mistakes.


Mistake 1: Overlooking the Functionality of the Bathroom

bathroom remodeling mistakes functionality


People often put a lot of emphasis on aesthetics while completely overlooking the functionality part. Although looks do matter, leaving the functionality behind is one of the biggest bathroom remodeling mistakes homeowners commit. 

An example might be adding a door in the shower that is too uncomfortable for getting in and out—installing the toilet in a place that makes comfort impossible—adding cabinets in such a way that opening and closing doors need too much effort. 

These factors may seem trivial at the start; however, they significantly impact the overall functionality. 

Consequently, you need to keep in mind these minute details during your bathroom remodel. Also, ensure smooth movements around the bathroom for enhanced functionality. 

Place the toilet paper holder near the toilet, the shelves near the sink, etc., so that your bathroom is comfortable and functional.


Mistake 2: Not Sticking to a Predefined Design and Layout

It happens very often that homeowners start the bathroom remodeling project without having a clear idea of ​​what to do and which details to consider. 

The mistake here that homeowners usually make is not to consult an expert about the design and layout of the bathroom.

Not having a clear idea often creates confusion regarding how to proceed with the work. This often results in a poorly designed bathroom with little to no functionality. 

Therefore it’s best to onboard an interior designer or an architect to plan and organize the whole project. Sit with the designer and lay out all your expectations and budget. It will help the designer work up a design as you expect and within your budget.


Mistake 3: Choosing Low-Quality Materials

bathroom design mistakes

Photo by HausPhotoMedia.Com on Unsplash

The bathroom is a space that is different from other rooms of the house and accordingly has different needs in terms of design and renovation. 

One crucial factor that homeowners often miss is that bathrooms have a lot of humidity and moisture. As a result, bathrooms need materials that are good at resisting the damaging effect of humidity. 

It is undoubtedly the most crucial aspect to consider when choosing materials for a bathroom remodeling project.

Consequently, you must avoid materials that do not resist moisture and make sure they are adept at fighting mold as well. It is convenient for bathroom appliances and furniture not to have many nooks and crannies where hidden mold can grow. Also, it is necessary to consider the durability of the materials, as abrasive cleaning products are often used in the bathroom and can damage them.

Likewise, do not go with cheap products. At first glance, they may seem to be a good bargain. However, these materials have imperfections that can potentially impact the functionality and the looks of the bathroom.


Mistake 4: Overlooking Ventilation

The bathroom is the wettest of all the rooms in the house due to the water and the moisture involved. Therefore bathroom ventilation is essential. Overlooking this aspect is among the most common bathroom remodeling mistakes. It will not only help remove the moisture but also prevent fungus and mold. If you don’t ventilate your bathroom, the space is bound to have moisture problems in the future. 

If your bathroom wall covering is of wood or wallpaper, the moisture could be particularly damaging. Your bathroom will start looking old and weary in a very short time.

One way to ensure good ventilation while remodeling the space is to add a window if possible. A window bring natural light into the environment and make it brighter. Similarly, it will also help all the moisture and humidity to escape, leaving a clean, dry bathroom. 

Further, you can choose artificial ventilation systems, such as an exhaust fan, to remove the moisture. 


Mistake 5: Ignoring the Storage Space

While a well-planned storage space may not look as useful in a bathroom as in other spaces like the kitchen, storage space in the bathroom is always useful and is never excessive unless the bathroom is too small. 

A lot of accessories go into the bathroom and therefore need space for proper storage. Without good bathroom storage ideas, your bathroom will look untidy and cluttered. 

Therefore, it is imperative to have good storage space to store the needed items for those who use the bathroom. Incidentally, it is always more convenient for each family member to have personal storage space. So it is worth considering adding a drawer or shelf for each person in the family.


Mistake 6: Poor Lighting

bathroom lighting mistakes

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Depending on the style you have chosen for your new bathroom, you will need extra lighting. For instance, you can add it on the sink, bathtub, or other places to light up the space evenly. However, homeowners usually commit mistakes while installing lighting fixtures. 

The result is a poorly lit environment that is too dark or too bright. Instead, you should install lighting fixtures that spread optimum light across space. Similarly, lighting is usually considered a decorative factor and left at the end of the bathroom remodeling phase. However, this is a mistake and should be avoided. Planning the lighting from the start will save you tons of trouble and help you organize the lighting fixtures in a better way.

There are common bathroom remodeling mistakes homeowners usually commit. However, you shouldn’t be discouraged. Once you are aware of how things could go wrong, you can take the necessary precautionary measures. Remodeling the bathroom is always a great way to refresh the look of the space and maybe indulge in some more comforts. 

However, the secret to good bathroom renovation is to take the services of an expert who knows how to guide you, advise you, and above all, deliver you a finished work that truly reflects your taste.