Six Amazing Small Kitchen Remodeling Solutions


Six Amazing Small Kitchen Remodeling Solutions

Research shows that kitchen remodeling is among the most common renovation projects implemented every year. Kitchens are recognized as social hubs and functional for most families. Amazingly, every kitchen has some design fault that needs to be improved to make the space more practical. However, no challenge is quite tricky as a modification of small kitchen space. You may be on a tight renovation budget, have building limits, or own an apartment house where you must work with the space allocated. Here are the six amazing small kitchen remodeling solutions that you need to know about.


New appliances can help to modernize and unify a room. Devices like stainless steel are becoming more widespread in contemporary houses. The critical factor to consider when buying home appliances is energy efficiency, although the energy use of similar devices can vary considerably. Usually, it is more economical to purchase home appliances with high efficacies. Additionally, built-in storage, microwaves, and ovens ensure that your small kitchen looks elegant and less messy. There are amazing solutions in the market such as kitchen wine refrigerators for homeowners that entertain visitors regularly.  These wine refrigerators are made to store up to two hundred depending on the type. You will also find countertop fridges that you can use to keep few bottles of wine accurately chilled.

Counter Space

Do you know even huge kitchens are challenging to work in if there is limited counter space? Nonetheless, another amazing small kitchen remodeling solutions are covering every area that does not have appliances that have countertops. Furthermore, you can consider having deeper counters as a design for your small kitchen. Stainless steel, marble, and granite are always the most costly. Conversely, the laminate is quite cheaper and affordable.

Therefore, for homeowners who regularly use their kitchen having different materials will allow an improved and better cooking environment. For instance, granite and marble provide you with excellent surfaces for dough. Conversely, the butcher block lets you effortlessly prepare and chop food. The good thing is that you can blend perfectly countertops alternatives to make an exceptional look and more useful kitchen.


Storage is also among the amazing small kitchen remodeling solutions. Therefore, you can consider used kitchen cabinets or squeeze new ones into your design. Moreover, you can use deep cabinets that can considerably hold plates and you can attach them near the dishwasher. You can attach the vast cabinets that have slide-out drawers near the oven.

Other things such as waist-high sliding shelves, which hold toasters and mixers, will easily keep small machines out of sight. Having In-built storage equipment for foodstuffs such as onions, bread, and potatoes will give your kitchen an elegant and cleaner look.  You should know that the fewer unnecessary steps required finishing a project, the more comfortable the purpose of your kitchen remodeling would be.

Rollout Pantry

Rollout pantry is also among the most amazing small kitchen remodeling solutions. With rollout pantries, you can pull out to check the utensils and items you have. Consider the roll-out pantry if you do not have sufficient room for a closet pantry. Conversely, if you do not have enough space for any pantry, you can decide to transform a closet outside your kitchen for storing rarely used utensils, fine china, and large pots.


You may decide to have a large sink in your small kitchen, as it will allow you to clean large pans and pots. Additionally, a large sink in your small kitchen will allow you to stockpile your dirty utensils and pots before rinsing them. Kitchen remodeling companies such as Craft Kitchen and Bath encourages people with a small kitchen to install a large sink, as it will also function as a utility sink.