Quartz or Granite – Which One Makes a Better Countertop Material and Why?


Quartz or Granite – Which One Makes a Better Countertop Material and Why?

Let’s just say this is often a topic of contention among new homeowners. We are sure you have your own convictions on the subject of quartz versus granite.

After all, we have all seen at least one house where each spectacularly stands out in a kitchen. And seeing both of them being used differently in different homes can also make the choice harder.

We are going to go right out and say that they both look amazing in different settings. And your friends surely would have had different reasons for choosing one over the other too. While it’s okay to take inspiration from their home or millions of other projects on the internet, you have to remember your OWN reasons to make a choice before anything else. Their lifestyle and aesthetic choices might not align with yours. And that’s okay.

There’s a fit for everybody. Sure, it has a lot to do with your favored style. For that matter, factors like durability, maintenance and cost too play key roles in making a decision. But we all rate these factors based on our discretion. While aesthetics matter much more to some, the right cost or ease of maintenance might be a bigger priority for others. So getting to a point where you tell yourself, “Yes! This is it. This is what I want” is a process.

Nevertheless, this blog will help you to make an informed choice in terms of cost, durability, aesthetic edge and more to get the best for your bucks.  Because countertops are expensive, we want you to come away with a great renovation experience without any regrets for the next so many years.


Quartz vs Granite – A Thorough Comparison


Factor #1 Composition


Composition of Granite

Granite is a very hard stone composed of minerals like quartz, feldspar with small amounts of mica, amphiboles and some other minerals. Popularly called the dimension stone, granite is mined in quarries all around the world, cut into blocks or slabs of the desired size and finally polished to brilliance.


Composition of Quartz

Quartz is a mineral found abundantly at the earth’s surface. Quartz countertops are engineered stone products made from quartz crystals held together with a resin binder.


Factor #2: Appearance


Appearance of Granite

Granite countertops are ravishing. That’s because granite is an igneous rock that was once molten lava deep below the earth. This means that when the volcanoes erupt and this lava settles down, it takes unique patterns as it cools. That accounts for each granite slab being different from one another. The mineral composition differs greatly too.

Take, for instance, Desert Dream Granite. It’s a blend of copper, burnt orange and ash grey — going about in swirls in an intense black background. Or Titanium granite with traces of gold or copper, all through a background of black and white. Both have very different aesthetic qualities too. Hence, the great thing about choosing granite is that there’s an endless range to choose from…and one right choice for each preferred style.


Appearance of Quartz

Quartz countertops, on the other hand, have a more uniform appearance. They are engineered products — which is a big help if you want complete cohesiveness within the space. Minimalistic, clean lines are a great feature too.

There was a time when quartz countertops were available only with a polished finish but not anymore. Take your pick from a range of textured, matte or a glossy finish. Get them in all kinds of flecks and swirls and patterns that look as good as any natural stone. You have the option to choose from Earth tones, grays, roses, whites with light grey or beige highlights and so much more too. You can basically pick any color you like as long as it goes well with your kitchen cabinets or the fixtures.


Factor #3: Cost


Cost of Granite

The average cost of a granite countertop, including the installation, runs anywhere between $2,000 and $4,000.

However, you can cut down the cost by dividing the entire process into three parts. Confused? Let us explain. Try getting the material from a wholesaler, which is going to cost you less than the regular sellers.  Feeling adventurous? Why not do some preliminary work by going DIY before calling the professionals for the actual fabrication and installation? For the last bit, we highly suggest taking the help of a professional — but hey, at least you can save in some ways.


Cost of Quartz

Subjected to the quality of the material and the style of edging, the average cost of installing quartz falls somewhere between $1,500 and $5,500. As in granite, you can try and manage the basic work yourself while leaving the complicated installation to the professionals. Because quartz is a heavy material, it needs professional expertise to test the space for structural strength.


Factor #4: Eco-Friendliness


Eco-Friendliness of Granite

Won’t it be nice if your countertop was environment-friendly besides being aesthetically stunning?

While both granite and quartz countertops are made from natural materials, it’s granite that gets the brownie points. Since these countertops are made from 100 percent natural material, they do not need to be synthesized in labs. However, the process of obtaining the stone itself is energy-exhaustive. Quarrying takes up a lot of energy.


Eco-Friendliness of Quartz

Quartz is a blend of 93 percent natural materials and 7% other color pigments and polymer resins that bind the materials together. Since quartz countertops are engineered products, made from leftover by-products of stone, they need no quarrying what so ever. That is a plus point despite it being a product of the lab. In that way, you don’t need to feel guilty while using either of the materials as both are eco-friendly in their own way.


Factor #5: Durability

Countertops tend to take a lot of blows. They need to be sturdy enough to withstand all kinds of blunders like spills, cuts, scorching of the surface and so much more.


Durability of Granite

Granite is primarily composed of feldspar and quartz which lends it extreme durability. This accounts for the material’s capacity to withstand weather as well as retain its aesthetic beauty for years together. The material is also heat resistant which makes it a great asset.

Granite is especially recommended by experts for high traffic areas at homes like the kitchen and bathroom — so go ahead and choose it for your next remodel.


Durability of Quartz

The material comes without any striations that can lead to cracks.

In fact, Quartz consists of up to 95 percent ground quartz besides the resins, which make for a very hard final product. The final product is as durable as a stone surface and can put up with all the rough work that goes on the countertop.


Factor #6: Maintenance


Maintenance of Granite

Granite is porous in nature. If you can manage to mop the spills on the surface top in time, granite can prove to be a great countertop. If not, get used to spotting ugly stains on the countertop that refuse to go away. This is why granite needs sealing at installation followed by periodic sealing year after year.


Maintenance of Quartz

It is a breeze to maintain quartz countertops.

This is primarily because Quartz is a non-porous material. Now, this is a big asset that works in two ways. First, its texture doesn’t let the bacteria grow on the surface. Furthermore, it resists the stains from the regular spills. This makes your job of cleaning the kitchen super easy and protects your family from bacterial infections in the same go.

Since quartz is non-porous, it also helps you get rid of the tedious sealing of your countertop year after year. Quartz is also heat-resistant; which means a hot pan won’t leave a mark on your countertop. Besides, the surface is resistant to scratches and cuts. However, it is recommended to avoid cutting and chopping directly on the surface to avoid damaging it.


Factor #7: Real Estate Value

Having a granite or a quartz countertop in your kitchen or bathroom can give you a bang for your buck in terms of investment. Well equipped kitchens and bathrooms infused with modern and aesthetic elements are a big attraction for the prospective buyers.

Having said that, granite is more sought after as compared to quartz. Probably because quartz is relatively new in the home renovation market and granite has been around for ages. Regardless, whatever you choose, expect to get a good return on your initial investment in the long run.