Most people want a crisp white kitchen full of all of the latest kitchen accessories that modern technology can offer. This can make your kitchen look clean, but feel a bit cold. Many people are looking for a bit more comfort in their kitchen. A warm, cozy kitchen is ideal for any season, but especially for the fall, and a rustic design for your kitchen can help you achieve the warmth and coziness you are looking forward to for the next fall season.

A rustic kitchen emanates warmth, friendliness, as well as an antiqued feel. The seemingly ‘worn out’ or ‘distressed’ elements of such a kitchen also give your cooking space some character and personality.

You do not have to go on a full remodeling of the kitchen in order to achieve this rustic design. If a full, instantaneous remodeling is way above your budget, you can still achieve the rustic look by incorporating some inexpensive homely details. Craft Kitchen and Bath has some great ideas on how you can make your kitchen feel cozier by pulling some rustic measures.

Choose earthy tones for your appliances

Many people go for the basic white, or stainless steel, or black colored appliances. However, these often feel a bit too cold and unaffectionate in the kitchen. If you are looking to cozy up your kitchen, then you should look for appliances with more earthy tones such as brown. Luckily, most manufacturers make kitchen appliances in a range of colors; hence, it will not be too difficult to find appliances with rustic-themed colors.

Go rustic with the architecture

Another way to enhance the rustic design of your kitchen is to incorporate architecture that brings about that country-house feel. For instance, a wooden ceiling would perfectly reflect the homely, country feel that you are going for in the kitchen. Other ways to create the same effect include bringing in a recessed range, exposing the rafters, as well as incorporating the classic brick arch.

An animal head, such as a bull’s head, above the range is also very popular amongst homeowners with kitchens that have a country feel.

Embrace wood

Wood is iconic when it comes to incorporating a rustic design in your kitchen. You cannot have too much of wood in your kitchen if you are going for that distressed, antique, country look. You can use it on your floor, you can use it for the ceilings, and you can use it for your cabinets.

If you feel that, too much wood is monotonous, then break it up a little by having a different material for the countertops. You can create more visual interest in your kitchen by having a backsplash made of something unique such as glass tiles.

Incorporate vintage features

You will never go wrong with vintage elements when creating a rustic kitchen. Such elements give off warm vibrations, and make the entire kitchen feel cozy and inviting. They also add a lot of personality to the space, making it visually interesting for your family and all of your guests. Common vintage elements you can add to your kitchen include a reclaimed sink, or a distressed cabinet.

Go for different finishes

Adding a different finish to your kitchen faucets is a subtle way of letting your kitchen stay true to the rustic cause. Several types of finishes can help your faucets blend well with a rustic kitchen. These types of finishes include the likes of antique brass, architectural bronze, mahogany bronze and glossy brass.

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