Good Kitchen Makeover Contractor in Your Area

kitchen makeover contractor

Good Kitchen Makeover Contractor in Your Area

Finding a right remodeling contractor whom you can trust on your kitchen remodeling project seems to be a monumental task. Some regard it as an overwhelming task. Getting a contractor is like trusting one of your expensive and largest assets to a stranger.  However, to eliminate much uncertainty, Craft Kitchen and Bath offers some steps you can follow to eliminate land a reliable kitchen makeover contractor.

Enquire from friends and family

One of the best ways to land a right kitchen remodeling contractor is asking family and friends who have worked with remodelers in the past. They are likely to give you a good insight on how their projects progressed. Besides, they are going to share and advise you according to how they felt about renovation contractor who completed the project.

Another way of getting a good kitchen remodeler contractor is by searching the membership in industry organizations.  For instance, the National Association of the Remodeling Industry. This kind of body sets very high standards for the constituents.

Do not go ahead and get a contractor randomly from large ads in the yellow pages. These pages mean does not identify a quality remodeling contractor or recognize a poor one.  They are there to advertise and get money.

After you have gotten some potential contractors, the next step should be contacting the companies and planning for an appointment.  In case you are forced to leave a message, you should be very keen on how long they will take to get back to you. Any firm that delays replying should not be given the priority.  When planning to interview multiple contractors, you should schedule the dates far apart to ensure they don’t overlap. A kitchen makeover contractor necessitates for undivided time and attention to apprehend the full extent of the project I and give you a precise estimate.

Upon meeting the contractor, you should pay attention to his or her skills. You should discern whether he or she is friendly, dress code and above all his preparedness.  The contractor must be able to convince you on the essentials of doing business with their firm.  He or she must have a contractor’s license, insurance cover information, license references, and photos of their past projects. Memberships in societies such as the Better Business Bureau and local Chamber of Commerce and any other shows professionalism and interest of the firm

Upon the first meeting, you discuss the project in details. For the contractor to understand the vision of your project, you should provide written documents, simple drawing, magazines and books and deliberate about the project. During the discussion, you should pay attention on how the contractor converses, if he or she monopolizes the talk to speak about their company’s prior projects, it shows like he is not taking his time to understand your project. On the other hand, a contractor who asks thoughtful and probing queries to understand your vision better will understand your project thoroughly.  You must keep in mind that Active listening is a key active listening is a crucial prerequisite for every kitchen makeover contractor.


After a discussion, you are supposed to use the time between meetings to do thorough research. Check the state’s licensing board, contractor’s board, and business board. You should follow up with their references. Also, you enquire to see some of their projects.  The potential contractors should hand you a written estimate.  The estimate should explain the work they are going to do and the material they will use.  A written evaluation abolishes any possibility of misunderstanding in future.

After the interview, you should be suspicious of any contractor who is ready to embark on the project by “tomorrow.” This may be a sign of lack of job or desperation. A good kitchen makeover contractor should take a couple of days to plan the project, and they understand your vision.

After you ate though with the above exercise, the last bit is making a decision.  Sit down with decision makers and decide on the contractor to hire.  Prioritize the contractor who fits you and your tasks.