New Fairfax App Helps Parents Track Student Buses


New Fairfax App Helps Parents Track Student Buses

With the help of the Fairfax County Public School system, parents in Fairfax, Virginia, will now know where their children’s school buses are exactly and when they will arrive at their stop. That’s not because they have developed super powers but because the county has invested in an app for their use.

With the Here Comes the Bus (HCTB) app, now available for download at both Apple Store and Google Play, all parents need to do is complete a simple and safe configuration on their smart phone or tablet. Parents can then sit back and track their children’s school bus in real time. Developed by Synovia Solutions, an Indiana-based tech firm, the program also notifies them of buses’ arrival at specific stops.

Easy Configuration in Five Steps

HCTB works on a customizable map by receiving data from GPS devices installed on school buses and covers all Fairfax County Public Schools (FCPS) locations.

Here is how parents could start using it in five steps:

1.  Download and start the application.

2.  Enter FCPS school district code 28982.

3.  Enter the email address and password associated with your SIS Parent Account as your username and password on the program, then click ‘Login’.

4.  Validate your account via clicking on the link contained in the validation email you received.

5.   Use your username and password to log back on the program where you can now list tracking date under ‘Students‘ tab.

Fully Customizable App to Fit Your Needs as a Parent

Parents can customize and edit features, including alerts, notifications, as well as the radius and location around their children’s bus stop.

What may sound so trivial to non-parents is a big help for parents and could even be a lifesaver at times.

Across Fairfax and all over the U.S., it is part of most parents’ routine to make sure their child catches the bus on time. The time and energy they spend on making sure their kids catch their buses every time, not to mention the stomachache they have until the little ones arrive back home, could be put to some other use – thanks to the Here Comes the Bus app.

Parents can see their children’s school bus mobility as well as receive alerts and notifications. All the communications between their devices and the application are encrypted and secure. The program is also safe since it is exclusive to parents.

Depending on the parents’ cell provider and coverage strength, notifications may be delayed. Also, in the rare incident of bus replacements, the application might not be of use with the mobility of substitute vehicles. The Fairfax County Public Schools then advises parents to contact the transportation office that supports their children’s school.