Remodeling a bathroom should not always constitute a complete overhaul. For some people, especially those within a tight budget, swapping some features, or upgrading one item is a cost effective way of bringing some style into the space. Craft Kitchen and Bath dedicates itself to helping you realize your dream bathroom by giving you tips on cost-effective remodeling.

The latest trends in the bathroom remodeling are a good way to start. These trends offer you the opportunity to revitalize this precious room without always having to incur the complete cost of a remodel.

Every year we see different trends in the bathroom-remodeling sector, and this year is no different. Some of these latest fads are inexpensive, while others may require you to break your bank a little bit. Feel free to go with the one that is most affordable to you, and matches your unique style and personality.

The following are some of the coolest bathroom trends we have identified so far this year in the industry.

  1. Breath-taking, artistic wallpaper
    If you are into art in the bathroom, then this trend is the right fit for you. Statement wallpapers are still a big hit in 2021, but unlike last year, the trend makers are going with artistic wallpapers that are more abstract. In 2020, the trend was gigantic florals with different shades, and it caught on quite quickly. However, this year, we are toning it down and focusing on wallpapers with an abstract feel, full of watercolors and brush strokes.
  2. Drapes are essential
    It is a rule of thumb that a window in the bathroom requires curtains or drapes, you know, for the privacy. However, just because they are necessary, does not mean they have to be drab. In 2021, one of the coolest bathroom trends is to have sheers coupled with long, lush drapes over your bathroom windows. The sheer-drape combo should run from the floor to the ceiling to accentuate further the luxurious feel of the bathroom space. This is the perfect style if you are looking to bring a softness to hard surfaces such as porcelain tile flooring.
  3. Revel in the antique
    Antiques have become an essential part of any bathroom that is considered style-worthy. Having antiques in your bathroom is one of the coolest bathroom trends because it brings a lot of warmth to an otherwise clinical space. In addition, the charm of the antique item gives your bathroom a lot of personality. If you do settle on this trend, then it will be ideal to pick a freestanding antique piece of furniture such as a wooden cabinet. You can place all of your towels here if you would like, or also bring in some other artistic, natural items such as woven baskets.
  4. Bring in the tropical plants
    Having tropical plants in your bathroom is also among some of the coolest bathroom trends this year. These plants are ideal for large bathrooms that have an abundance of natural light coming through. The plants can bring in some warmth to the bathroom even when it is cold and dreary outside. Having a large tropical plant can also be extremely good for improving the air quality of your bathroom.
  5. Incorporate an essentials table
    The iconic spa bathroom is incomplete without the staple African or Japanese vintage stool. However, to bring in a greater touch to this spa-esque space, most people are leaning towards cocktail tables. The tables are small in size, and are adorned with soft metals, which help give off a lush feel. They are small but quite adept at holding all of the essentials you require for either your morning ritual or that well-deserved evening soak.