Bathroom Remodeling


Tile is perhaps the most common pattern found in bathrooms. Tile refers to a durable material that can be used underfoot or on the walls of the bathroom. The most common materials used as tiles for the bathroom are glass, porcelain, ceramic, and stone. The thing that confounds most people when it comes to tile material is choosing the right one when all of the mentioned options are available. Craft Kitchen And Bath has prepared a guide that can assist you in selecting the best tile material for your bathroom.

  1. Determine where the tile will be placed

You need to decide whether the tile will be placed underfoot or on the walls of the bathroom. Remember that the bathroom is a humid place, and so the material chosen should be water resistant to prevent easy damage.

In addition, determining beforehand where the tile will be placed will enable you to determine the size of the material, as well as the actual material that will be used. In most instances, you will find that porcelain, ceramic, and stone are used for floors, while glass tiles are used for the walls of the bathroom.

2. Work within your budget

The main thing you have to remember about tiles is that they have a wide spread when it comes to price. It is thus very important to have a budget that will guide you when selecting the tiles. Your budget will dictate the price of the tiles you are going to buy, as well as the packet numbers you are going to purchase.

It is no secret that some tile materials will cost more than others will. For instance, glass tile and natural stone will be more expensive than ceramic tile. Ceramic tile also has a wide spread of prices ranging from$2 to $20 for every square foot. Your budget will help you determine the material that is within your price range.