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What is a partially freestanding bathtub? In essence, this type of bathtub is a hybrid between a built-in bathtub and one stands alone. Each of these types of bathtubs has its own advantages, and a freestanding one can give you the best of both worlds. Craft Kitchen and Bath outlines some of the major benefits of having a freestanding tub in your bathroom.

a. It can be an excellent focal point
Your bathroom needs a spectacular focal point in order for it to be visually interesting, and unique, and for it to be able to stand out completely. A partially freestanding bathtub is an excellent idea for a focal point for your bathroom. This is because they are not created to blend in with the rest of your bathroom, but rather, to stand out and look unique, which is exactly the mandate of a bathroom focal point.

You can find a variety of materials and designs for such bathtubs, and you can use this to your advantage by picking a material or design that is unequivocally breathtaking. Some of the most popular materials used in making these tubs include cast iron, and stone resin, both of which are astoundingly beautiful. Such materials will help bring some style into your bathroom, as such will also be useful in incorporating a rustic design into your kitchen.  

This freestanding tub can be an artistic sculpture that draws people’s attention to it every time they walk into the bathroom. Everyone knows that such a tub has an inherent capacity to create a definitive and awe-striking visual statement. In addition, using this tub as the centerpiece can help bring the entire room together, which will help you relax even more every time you are in the bathroom.

b. It will help increase the visual space of your bathroom

One of the many reasons that interior designers cite for suggesting a partially freestanding bathtub to their clients is the fact that it makes the space look bigger than it suggests actually is.

The bathroom looks and feels bigger because of all of the space around the tub. Your eyes and mind take in this extra space and interpret it as the bathroom being very spacious.


The partially freestanding bathtub is also ideal when it comes to flexibility in where to place a tub. You can place a tub like this anywhere in the bathroom, even at the center if that is what you want. This is because all of the sides to this bathtub are finished, which is not the case for the built-in bathtub.

The built-in variety means that you will be forced to leave some room along the walls in order to incorporate it. You do not face this problem when you decide to settle on the freestanding bathtub.

d.Movement is much freer

With a freestanding tub, movement in and out of it is much easier. Bathroom design experts attribute this to the fact there is no tub filler to hamper movement when getting in or getting out of the tub. This is highly beneficial in situations where limited mobility is present, or when you are bathing children and infants.

e.The lure of the landing space

If you are looking to make bath times much more special, or relaxing then you will look forward to the landing space you can incorporate when using a freestanding tub. This tub allows you the flexibility to have a tray next to it where you can place your wine glass, reading materials, and/or your necessary bath supplies.

You can also use the top edge of the bathtub to support a bathtub tray where you can place several items you might require to make the bath experience much more pleasurable.