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Remodeling your bathroom can be an expensive venture, which deters many people from making their bathrooms truly amazing. This is because they cannot afford some of the expensive accessories that make the bathroom look luxurious. Many homeowners will opt for simple renovations in order to keep their costs down, which unfortunately results in very drab bathrooms. However, as Craft Kitchen And Bath will now show, you can spruce your bathroom, even when you are on a budget, using tile as your main accessory glamorous on a budget.

      1.Go with a feature wall

  1. Go with a feature wall

A feature wall made of tile is an exemplary way of sprucing up your bathroom without necessarily having to spend a fortune. You can have the contractor create a feature wall behind the bathroom sink or on one of the shower walls. Creating a feature wall will help insert a focal point in the bathroom, as well as save you cash by ensuring that you do not have to tile the entire bathroom. The tiled feature wall should incorporate contrast with the rest of the bathroom to really make it stand out, and act as the visual focal point.

      2. Create a contrasting border

You can also use basic or mosaic tile to create a contrasting border, which enhances the visual interest of the entire bathroom. This technique has been used for several years, and it is most common in vintage-styled bathrooms. It is less expensive than tiling an entire feature wall, which will allow you to splurge on mosaic tiles. If you are on a very strict budget, it is best to use basic tile to create the contrasting border, as it is much cheaper than the mosaic tile and this is gonna help Glamorous on a budget.

If you are using white-colored tile for your bathroom, then you can use a layer of green or black tile high up on the wall to create the contrasting/decorative border