A Quick Look at the Future of Kitchens

A Quick Look at the Future of Kitchens

Kitchens? Who needs a kitchen in the future? Aren’t we going to buy flavored food pills that provide all the nutrients we need? Even if we end up in an Aldous Huxley-type world, we think we’re going to need an attractive place to get our food pills, right?

The common view of kitchen remodeling professionals is that cooking areas won’t be much different than they are today.

To help you get an idea, we’ve prepared this informative article just for you, highlighting some of the most important future trends.

What will kitchens look like in the future?


Knowing which trends are about to change in the future can help you plan your cooking space investments more easily. It seems that designers and homeowners are striving to make kitchens modern, shiny, and custom-curved.

In fact, we can get an idea of where modern kitchens are headed by looking at award-winning designs and crowdsourcing platforms in the design world.

Here are some of the top trends.


Aerodynamic Designs


There is no traditional cuisine in the group (we doubt it will become a mainstream trend anytime soon, as traditional elements remain popular). Instead, futuristic kitchen designs feature highly polished, non-porous surfaces that are easy to clean and maintain without much worry about breaking, cracking, staining or etching – all the potential in most natural products.

You can thwart this trend by designing a kitchen with laminate cabinet faces that can withstand heat – whether you choose the colored or faux wood version, they are durable, impact resistant, and easy to maintain.

Glossy Surfaces


We need to be a little curious about this trend. The tendency for everything future to be “bright-bright” and “reflective-reflective” has existed since the Jetson days, but only true modernists typically follow this path. Our guess: Until we invent smudge-proof, fingerprint- and pet-nose-resistant surfaces, this trend may only be popular with those who are lonely, childless, or live a more monastic lifestyle.

However, if you like a high-gloss look, we recommend choosing one of the many Quartz countertops available in a variety of colors, from pure white to those that mimic natural stone, and choosing a high-polished finish for your cabinetry.

Curvy Lines


Perhaps one of the most striking features found in futuristic kitchen designs is the curvy nature of the lines. Even the cabinet has a wave-like movement in its form. We can see that this trend has been undertaken by homeowners with pleasure. The key is innovation. The more innovative the materials, the easier and more affordable it is to make such custom shapes and forms a reality.

If you like the look of softer curves rather than the more typical 90-degree angles, we recommend choosing Quartz countertops. Both are manufactured products and therefore they can be made to fit almost any shape you desire. While high-end cabinet materials can be shaped this way, wooden cabinets will be quite costly.


Hygiene And Easy Maintenance


The biggest advantage of these kitchens is that they are often more hygienic than their natural counterparts. Consider that it needs to be insulated to prevent dirt, mold, and other contaminants from seeping into natural pores.

Often made from non-porous resins, synthetic materials don’t have any corners or crevices to accommodate hygiene violations, so the maintenance they need is as simple as wiping with an antibacterial cleaner. Laminate cabinets, Quartz are all materials that are considered hygienic. If you like a natural look, consider using soapstone, which is less porous than granite or marble.


Smart Kitchen Technology


Of course, modern innovation means improvements in technology, so kitchens will continue to get smarter. Everything from refrigerators to ovens and dishwashers will increasingly be monitored and remotely controlled from your own smart devices.

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