Whether you are interested in adding to your current floor plan or constructing a second story, we can provide all the necessary design, engineering and construction services.

Are you considering a room addition? Are you considering adding space to your home? We know the task of managing large projects such as room additions can be challenging. Let CRAFT Kitchen & Bath worry about the details while you look forward to enjoying your new found space.
Our room additions team is second to none when it comes to a smooth project, from the moment you meet with our Architect or yours to have the design of your new space completed.

Your dedicated field supervisor will be your one point of contact throughout the entire room addition project. We manage all aspects of the construction of your home addition, from the foundation to matching roof tiles. Nothing is overlooked.

Don’t worry about the grass, yard, or decking either, CRAFT Kitchen & Bath will take all precautions to insure we do not turn your yard into a mud pit or your pool deck into a trash dump.

Our crews are all taught to clean up daily after accomplishing their work, additionally, we carefully remove all construction debris the moment we are finished using them. And yes, we fully clean and detail all of our room additions upon completion. When you choose a contractor to build a room addition, you are choosing someone who you will spend a lot of time and money with, be sure and choose a professional that has the drive to see the project through to completion.

With hand selected vergers and specially formulated finished, you are sure to find a cabinet to match the decor of your dreams.