Just like it happens every year, new trends come and old trends go. However, this year is a bit different. 2020, the start of a new decade. The monumental new decade has brought forth a revolution of sorts. Especially when it comes to home remodeling trends.

Obviously, you want to keep up and get an upper hand for your home remodel. These trends are set to define the home decor space for 2020 and many years to come.


1. Pop of Color in the Kitchen

White kitchens have more or less been the obvious choice of homeowners for decades. However, the tides are turning. More and more homeowners are opting away from an all-white kitchen. Instead, they are choosing to add some color in their life.

It’s not just about choosing a different color, no. It’s also about bringing in a variety of elements. From wooden cabinets to two-tone cabinetry. Trends suggest that colorful cabinets are going to play a huge role in home decor.


2. Paint Your Cabinets

Cabinets are what consume the most square footage in any kitchen. This is why it’s not a surprise that cabinetry design is undergoing an overhaul as well. Home trends in 2020 are not shying away from going all out, especially when it comes to cabinet colors.

Red, green, blue, you name it. Bright cabinet colors are making a statement in the world of home design. The new decade of 2020 has brought out the inner artist and given homeowners the opportunity to experiment with their design choices and not shying away from making a statement.


3. Statement Tiles

Speaking of making a statement. Tiles are making quite the splash. Although the past few years have been dominated by the popular ‘subway tile aesthetic’, things are changing quickly. Homeowners are beginning to incorporate statement tiles in their design choices.

Believe it or not, you can actually be subtle with statement tiles. You can either go minimal and use them as your kitchen backsplash or you can go all out and install floor-to-ceiling statement tiles in your bathroom. The opportunities are endless when it comes to experimenting with statement tiles.


4. The Shift From Utility To Luxury

There are many spaces in your home that are used strictly to serve a purpose. One such room used to be the bathroom. Previously, bathrooms were designed from a ‘strictly functional’ perspective. However, homeowners have started treating their bathrooms as their personal sanctuary. This has resulted in a shift in home remodeling trends.

Dedicated spaces are being created within bathrooms for you to relax and enjoy the solitude. You don’t have to spend a ton to obtain some luxury in your bathroom space. A small ottoman, a dedicated bench does the job. If your budget allows, you can opt for a spa-like decor too.

Trends suggest that more and more homeowners are seeing beyond the practical use of any space and designing them to be so much more.


5. Multifunctional Spaces

Major events have a trickle-down effect on various aspects of our life. The COVID-19 pandemic and the home design industry is no different. Most of us have had to be locked down in our own homes for months. This compulsory living arrangement has only highlighted an upcoming trend: multifunctionality.

Multifunctional spaces are the need of the hour. Homes are being designed and remodeled after keeping this trend in mind. The goal here is to maximize the benefit a single space can provide.

How? Kitchen countertops don’t have to be just for cooking. Now, they can also be used as breakfast nooks or even dining tables. More and more homeowners are adapting to this trend and finding out ways to make the most of their home.


6. The Rise Of Biophilic Design

It is proven that exposure to natural elements on a daily basis makes you healthier. For some reason (work, a pandemic, etc) not everyone can have that luxury to take a stroll in the park every day. How do you tackle this?

Bring the outdoors indoors. Biophilic design refers to incorporating natural elements in your home design. No, you don’t have to start growing a mini-forest yet. It can refer to something as small as letting more natural light in or introducing natural elements like wood in your design.

This further coincides with the next trend.


7. Sustainable Materials

People around the world are understanding the importance of sustainability. The rise of environmental awareness has brought in a new way of designing homes.

Homeowners are making design choices from a conscious perspective. From using recycled materials to upcycling major elements like kitchen countertops. That being said, it has also given rise to an ‘earthy’ design trend.

Warm tones in terms of decor and an overall earthy aesthetic are on the rise. Sustainability and biophilic design are the two biggest trends of the decade.


8. Do What You Want To

Have you guessed the common theme between most of these trends? It’s the rejection of what’s normal and acceptance of something new. Individualism is the biggest trend to come out in 2020.

Gone are the days when you were compelled to follow a certain design guideline. Homeowners are breaking free from the curse of compliance. The rise of individualism is clearly visible in major home design trends.

In short, if you want something done, go for it. 2020 is perhaps the best year to unleash your inner artist and gain inspiration from within.


In Conclusion

A lot of changes have materialized in 2020. These home remodeling trends only reflect how we have reacted to these changes. In the end, it’s you, the homeowner who has to make the choice based on their personal taste.

These trends will help you paint a clear picture of what is here to stay in the coming years and help you plan your next home remodel accordingly.