How do you know of food and service quality at a certain restaurant if you haven’t eaten there? You ask other people who have, right? But chances are if you ask too few of them, then you run a high risk of being misled. In Chantilly, there are a variety of different restaurant options.

Yes, it is not the end of the world. You would just have eaten a bad meal. But, what if it happens again, and again, and again? That’s a waste of your resources and, more importantly, your appetite — if you think about it — your life really. And you need these answers when you’re not cooking at home. So, better ask more people than less.

Besides, it is not just common sense to survey more people about food. A fundamental rule in statistics is that the larger your sample gets, the more representative it becomes of facts.  So, you’d do yourself a scientific favor as well by seeking more answers. That, however, takes a lot of time and energy, too. And in the meantime, you’d wish someone else did it for you.

Wouldn’t it be nice if you had the answers you wanted without asking a single question? Well, those of you in Chantilly, Virginia, will feel lucky to have read this article because it will tell you just that. Here are the town’s five most popular places to eat:




For breakfast and brunch, there is not a greater hit than Eggspectation in Chantilly. People just love to welcome the day, or enjoy a much-sought mid-day recess, here. And its rich menu, containing various items from traditional American cuisine well prepared by most able hands, isn’t the only thing that attracts them. Kind and quick service in a vast hall, where social distancing is never an issue, with an industrial feel add so much to their experience. Join them at 5009 Westone Plaza!




Another unassuming yet incredibly popular place to visit for a memorable breakfast or lunch in Chantilly is Megabytes at 14100 Sullyfield Circle. Featuring what it calls a fusion of Asian flavors, this eatery promises zero disappointment with its offerings. Wait, isn’t that an odd name for a restaurant? True, here you will enjoy a fun, tech-savvy decor and some gaming stations, too. It will feel like reliving college days but you’ll also like the place for its absolute flavor bombs.


The Burger Shack


Despite the growing movement against fast food, a burger will always retain the ability to make a fine lunch. Most burgers, however, are just average and there are also annoyingly too many of them that are just bad. Thank God, you will find none of the either sort at The Burger Shack. This is a rare example of how even the most basic food item can be exceptionally good and prompt people to travel long distances to have it. Do not spend another second and go discover this joint inside a cute, one story house at 13661 Lee Jackson Memorial Highway!


Sheesh Grill


 Much like most other people around the world, we, Americans, have fallen in love with kabobs, a truly invaluable Middle Eastern gift to global cuisine. And in this particular part of Virginia, Sheesh Grill has a tremendous reputation for doing it the right way. A perfectly neat and spacious restaurant at 13940 Lee Jackson Memorial Highway, this kabob house will blow your mind for the most agreeable prices. You certainly will return. And not just once!




 A major reason why giant food chains become as big today is the consistency with which they serve their patrons. That is one important aspect in food business so many local, smaller businesses unfortunately lack. And it is precisely why Cafein, at 13924 Metrotech Drive, stands out in the pack. This is so professional a cafe that it doesn’t matter at which time of the day, or the day of the week you visit it, and you always get the superior taste you got used to out of your order. It is the case every single time! You will happily discover so in Chantilly.