All of us want the best for our children. Specifically when it is about their education, there is not a single parent who can take this pursuit lightly.

For all we know, education is how we enable them on the path to the bright future that they deserve, can embrace and will certainly enjoy. With all the changes to how we define and evaluate education, afterschool development is just as important as school learning.

Here is where to seek the best such guidance in Chantilly, Virginia:


STEM and Flower

Teaching has long transcended traditional classrooms. Today’s exemplary educators are those who incorporate multiple tutoring methods and never simply stop at ‘old school’ lecturing. They are the sort of people you will meet at STEM and Flower, a brilliant education center designed to provide both one-on-one and in-group tutoring in science, technology, engineering and mathematics as well as in arts.

Their afterschool program in Virginia centers around highly supportive and transformative lessons and projects on various subjects in those fields. They pick up your kids after school and drive them to their campus at 4740 Flint Lee Rd Suite A. They then spend the next four hours having fun while learning away from home. Enroll here for only $120 a week!


Positive Ally

If there is a single alternative to STEM and Flower for your children to develop into their full potentials after school in and around Chantilly, it certainly is Positive Ally Learning Center.

Combining academic training with communication, critical thinking and wellness, this facility adopts a holistic approach to help its students thrive. Go find them at 4200 Technology Court, Suite B! There is no chance you will regret it!


NoVa Play Labs

Let’s, however, say you as a parent require a more personal attention to your child’s academic development. NoVa Play Labs will then steal your heart. It has devised an afterschool program that feels almost like at-home tutoring. They are maximizing the time their instructors spend with each student one-on-one. Make your list of needs for your children and they will deliver on every single one of them.


Ignite Kids Club    

Yet if you consider a softer afternoon more preferable for your children, your best course of action in town will be exploring Ignite Kids Club. This Virginia program is a well-maintained and clean facility where the staff is as caring and compassionate to each kid as their parents.

The experience your little ones will have here at 3850 Dulles South Court, Chantilly will be organized around arts, sports and games besides homework assistance. They are so good at accommodating the kiddos that you may have difficulty taking them home after each day ends in their guidance.


Highkicks Taekwondo

Many parents must have already found what they look for in afterschool care and education with the first four options. There is, however, another group of parents who would rather have their children participate in a more professional and focused sports training outside of school. For them, Highkicks Taekwondo in Virginia is pure gold this part of the Commonwealth.

At 14155-F Sullyfield Circle, it is a premier facility for martial arts training with a great afterschool program. With the help of experienced coaches, your children will acquire essential communication and teamwork skills. They will also learn how to excel in physical fitness and self-protection here. The active lifestyle they will adhere to as a result will always be a source of pride for you.