From small guest baths and cabanas to spacious luxury master suites, Craft Kitchen & Bath specializes in beautiful bathroom design and installation. We manage the entire project from concept through completion including all the permits for electric, plumbing and construction.

One of the major factors affecting the cost of bathroom remodeling is what materials are used in the job. Higher grade materials, which may be more durable or rare, usually cost more than lower grade materials. If you like the look of higher end materials but not the price, then you may find that some less-expensive substitutes can reproduce the look of more costly ones, and by choosing them, you may save money while still getting the style you want. In addition, if you are replacing fixtures or appliances, the same principle generally applies: high-end models usually cost more, and we can help you find budget-friendly materials and fixtures that look just as good.


We Share Your Vision

At Craft Kitchen & Bath, we know that every client has a vision for what they want their new bath to look like. With so many ideas on style, color, and options, we can provide you with the products and services needed to make your kitchen and bath into places that surpass your expectations in beauty, quality and workmanship.


With hand selected vergers and specially formulated finished, you are sure to find a cabinet to match the decor of your dreams.