Is your bathroom too small? Not enough storage space for towels and other toiletries? Just plain out-of-date? Don’t worry! A full bathroom remodel is possible and it can finally turn your current bathroom into the bathroom of your dreams. If you bring in the right remodeling company, it can even be affordable. It doesn’t matter the size of your bathroom or your remodeling budget to complete the task, your project requires an expert. Don’t live with a bathroom you dislike anymore; bring in Craft Kitchen & Bath. In a short amount of time, you could be sitting in a relaxing bubble bath with all of your towels put away in cabinets!

When we come on board, we will be able to give you several ideas on different types of cabinets, flooring bathroom fixtures, lighting, toilets, and showers and tubs. If you are on a strict budget, then when will be sure to give you several options to choose from that will work within your price range.

Centreville has many older homes that were built before today’s bathrooms trends really took off. Modern homeowners want a large master bathrooms with a spa tub, a full guest bathroom for when friends and family come to town, and plenty of cabinets for their kids bath toys. At Craft Kitchen & Bath, we will work with you to create your dream bathroom using only the best materials put in place by superior craftsman. This is just one reason so many of your Centreville neighbors have already chosen us for their remodeling work. Contact us today and know that you’re reaching out to the experts!

With hand selected vergers and specially formulated finished, you are sure to find a cabinet to match the decor of your dreams.